A LinkedIn Webinar in Turning Leverage into Assets

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April 3rd, 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST.

Join us into the world of leverage with Ben Reinberg, who has not just navigated, but mastered the art of leverage in healthcare to build a towering $500MM commercial real estate empire. 

Ben has spoken to top leaders and celebrities about leverage. You'll be amazed by their insights and will be ready to apply them into your life for great success.

This webinar isn’t just about real estate; it’s about mastering the universal principle of leverage to magnify your success across industries, relationships, and beyond.

Why Ambitious Professionals Are Marking Their Calendars:

Understand how Ben achieved 24%+ IRR returns for his investors by leveraging healthcare in real estate, and how you can apply similar principles to yield success.

Discover the universal applicability of leverage — from propelling your career forward, to enriching personal relationships, and enhancing your financial portfolio.

Learn to navigate life's challenges and opportunities using leverage as a strategic tool for growth and stability

Gain insights into creating freedom and a legacy by mastering leverage in various domains of life.

Uncover the secret to resilience in volatile markets through strategic leveraging techniques that go beyond traditional investment realms.


Limited Seats Available

Ben's insights will do more than just enlighten you on passive investing; they'll provide you with a new perspective on leveraging opportunities in every aspect of life.

How leveraging in healthcare led to unmatched success in the real estate sector, and the lessons that can be applied universally.

The principles of leverage that have allowed Alliance to maintain a 100% rent collection during the pandemic and how these principles can be applied beyond real estate.

Why understanding leverage is crucial in identifying and capitalizing on recession-proof and growth opportunities in any industry.


With over 30 years of leveraging expertise in commercial investment, Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies offers a unique perspective on achieving high returns through strategic leverage in net leased properties, including medical, retail, industrial, and office spaces. Our approach is about more than real estate; it’s about understanding and applying the power of leverage to secure and grow your wealth in any area.


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As the CEO of Alliance CGC, Ben Reinberg has not only managed billions in commercial real estate but has also applied leverage as a fundamental principle to achieve extraordinary success. His pivot to medical office properties and beyond showcases leverage not just as a business strategy, but as a life strategy, promising attendees insights into applying leverage for personal and professional growth.


Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies is committed to providing investors with safe and high returns through recession-resilient and booming commercial investment opportunities. With a focus on net leased properties, including medical, retail, industrial, and office properties ranging from $1M to $25M in value, our expert development and management team carefully selects and manages top-quality properties to maximize returns.